Residential Garage Doors, Service, and Repair.

Old Pueblo Garage Doors offers a full range of residential garage doors, parts, and service.

We offer a full range of styles, colors, and sizes to fit your needs; from the elegance of a rustic finish to ranch style garage doors, and everything in between. Whether you’re looking for a new garage door or just looking to repair an old door we’ve got you covered. Insulation from the brutal Arizona heat and seals to keep out the creepy crawlers of the desert are always available. Contact us today for your free quote!

Rustic overlay doors available upon request

In need of repair? We’ve got you covered!

Repairs can be a pain!

We understand the inconvenience when something you use everyday breaks. It happens at the worst possible time and can be costly. Let us help make your repairs as carefree and painless as possible with upfront pricing and no hassle sales. We offer the latest technology in garage doors including Wi-fi capable motor operators for smartphone access, quiet DC drive motors, torque tube torsion system springs, and so much more.

Common items that break or need repair over time.

A garage door consists of many moving parts that experience wear over time. Regular maintenance and inspection of your garage door components can save you costly repairs. We recommend having your garage door serviced and inspected annually.

What to look for?

  • Hinges should be inspected and lubricated once a year.
  • Cables should be checked for damage or fraying.
  • Rollers should be inspected for broken bearings.
  • Track should be inspected for loose bolts, bends, and obstructions.
  • Motor chain or belt drooping? This could be a sign of wear on your gear and sprocket assembly.
  • Inspect trim around your garage door opening for dry-rot.
  • Inspect rubber seal along the bottom of your garage door.

Call today and we’ll have a licensed technician perform a complete service and inspection to insure your garage door is running its best for years to come.

Please note: Old Pueblo Garage Doors LLC. does NOT recommend servicing springs, torsion tubes, cables, or drums yourself. Due to extreme tension severe injury may result. Please call a licensed technician.